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Kent Paranormal Seekers

Our website is undergoing maintenance, but here is some details about us.

Kent Paranormal Seekers are a small, long established and dedicated group of client centred paranormal researchers operating in the south east of England.

Kent Paranormal Seekers are not an events, entertainment or profit making organisation. Serious paranormal investigations have very little in common with entertainment events or the investigations as portrayed on television programs anyway and the detailed work we do would probably put off those expecting an entertaining evening. Our investigations are about obtaining the best evidence that it is practical to obtain and supporting our client’s needs, whatever they may be in relation to our scope as investigators.

By default all of our investigations are considered private unless agreed otherwise, which usually would only be for public properties. The service we provide is very discrete. We understand that it is an unusual and often uncomfortable choice to contemplate asking for our very unusual expertise.

Please contact us with any enquiries at the email below.